Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bernanke Interview (In 2 Parts)

Jimmy La Rue recommended this interview from 60 Minutes to the rest of class. He said he learned some things from it, and I think you will too (Part 1, Part 2).

I believe this initially aired in March 2009 (it’s a surprising pain in the butt to figure that out from their site – it’s a 20th century show with a 20th century search engine I guess). I think the interview was made in February 2009.

At that time, the interviewer is shocked that Bernanke says that he thinks the recession will end that year.

Yet, the recession did end that summer, so Bernanke was right.

And, in this class in Spring 2009, we were already seeing signs of a turnaround – that are written up in this blog.

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