Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some Sequester Facts

The Obama administration bemoans the cuts made by the sequester.

Time to put on our thinking caps. These are the facts about the process in May 2013:

  • Presidents propose budgets.
  • Congress passes, and the President signs, budgets that are often larger (and always different) than what the President proposes.
  • The sequester of 2013 went into effect in March. It was based on the continuation of the 2012 budget, because …
  • Obama didn’t propose his budget until April, and …
  • As if May 5, 2013, Congress has yet to pass a budget for 2013.

Which leads to this awesome little turn of events: there are some programs that are receiving higher funding after the sequestration of their budgets than Obama has proposed.

That’s right:

  • He’s actively complaining about budget cuts, that
  • Were passively imposed due to past budget rules,
  • Originally proposed by the Obama administration in summer 2011, while
  • Actively proposing bigger budget cuts, that are irrelevant because
  • The office of President is fairly passive in the process.

This is like “having your cake and eating too” (if the meaning is unclear, read the second paragraph here).

Except that it’s having your cake, and eating it, and having it, and eating it, and having it too.

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