Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kudos for Kyle Bishop and SUU

My co-author, Kyle Bishop, got featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal today.

Kyle Bishop figured it was risky when he applied to a University of Arizona Ph.D. program in English eight years ago by proposing a dissertation on zombie movies.

He was dead wrong.

The program approved Mr. Bishop's proposal, and he is now chairman of Southern Utah University's English department. …

Later, the article discusses other academics working on the undead, including:

Other collections due this year include "Economics of the Undead," which co-editor Glen Whitman, a Cal State Northridge economics professor, says "raises issues of the use of resources" in an apocalyptic event. The work is academic, he says, but might draw readers "with a casual interest in economics."

Kyle, my wife Mary Jo, and I authored Chapter 6 in that book (entitled “What Happens Next? Endgames of a Zombie Apocalypse”). It comes out in a couple of months.

Read the whole thing entitled "Zombie Studies Gain Ground on College Campuses" in today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal

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