Friday, July 11, 2014

Fascinating Infographic for Students (Not Required)

The possibilities from this are astounding.

The infographic on this site (it’s interactive so you must click through) allows you to:

  • Select a state (or the whole country).

What shows up is a rectangle, divided into smaller rectangles, divided into even smaller rectangles. The area of the rectangles corresponds to the proportion of people working in a particular job description in that state.

Then you can:

  • Choose a point on the income slider

The graphic then shades only the rectangles of those professions where median income is higher than what you selected.


  • Mouseover any rectangle to get the both the median salary for that profession, and the number of people working in that profession in the state.

Most of you are young enough to have a good deal of control of where you end up. Dovetail this with the recent publication indicating that the current income required for “The American Dream” is about $130K per year. The number of professions in Utah that make that possible on one income is very small; the number of professions that can get you half of that (so your spouse can pick up the other half) is still pretty small.

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