Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tooting Our Horn for Us

Many of you are economics majors.

Good for you. It turns out that economics is the social science mentioned most often in The New York Times, and most often in the Congressional Record.

And yet, it’s not as popular as other majors nationwide, like psychology and history, and we barely beat out sociology.*

This won’t be on the test, but you can read the article entitled “How Economists Came to Dominate the Conversation” by (Dave Berri’s friend) Justin Wolfers in the the January 23 issue of The New York Times.

Via Greg Mankiw’s Blog.

* Economics isn’t a huge major at SUU, but we’re doing OK. Generally speaking, economics does better as a major, purely in terms of numbers of graduates, when the department is housed in a college of arts and letters. I’m not advocating that change for SUU, just pointing it out.

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