Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why Is Macro So Hard: Putting the (Political) Cart Before the (Political) Horse

Yes, there’s an element to this news story that’s jokey, and there clearly was some lack of editorial oversight here. But it shows how mood affiliation leads to policy activity, with or without deep background thought.

Anyway, Canada has 2 main parties that are each a little to the left of the their American counterparts. And it has a big third party, the NDP (New Democratic Party), which is even further left. In America it would be Sanders-esque. It tends to be strongest in the West, and here’s what happened in the Yukon Territory. They released these by accident:

"It went live and immediately we started getting Tweets at us," says Yukon NDP communications manager Denise MacDonald. "You have to laugh once in a while."

NDP error 2

The key word here is “will”, the only verb shared by both slogans. That word implies future activity. It doesn’t seem to matter what the specifics are though.

There’s no goal in these images. There’s no objective. What there is … is a predisposition towards busybodyness.

In macroeconomics this can be a problem. We have 200 or so countries around the world, and the record of those that interfere with their macoeconomies is not very good. That makes busybodies dangerous.

Via Munger writing at Kids Prefer Cheese.

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