Tuesday, January 23, 2018

More Economists than Chefs

Bad news.

Washington D.C. is the only one of the 10 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. with more economists than chefs.

It is also one of two with more economists than people who call the clergy their full-time job.

This looks really bad for us …

I think this may reflect that there is no serious professional threshold to calling yourself an economist. You don’t have to pass a test, like a CPA does.

Also, D.C. is full of people with master's degrees in economics from Maryland and other nearby schools. For better or worse, economics is one of the fields where an MA is closer to a BA than an MA is to a Ph.D. In my case, the single (true) MA class I took in economics was filled with bureaucrats trying to raise their pay grade. The material was drivel.

A good economics student needs to have a filter: when you here someone quoted who claims to be an economist, get on the internet and briefly check them out.

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