Wednesday, January 25, 2017

OPTIONAL: Tyler Cowen Thinks We Should Wake Up to the Misdirection

Is Trump playing liberals for fools?
Trump specializes in lower-status lies … The lie needs to be understood as more than just the lie.
… Long-term credibility does not need to be maintained. Once we get past blaming Trump for various misdeeds, it’s worth taking a moment to admit we should be scared he might be right about that.
… The Trump administration trusts neither its own appointees nor its own supporters, and is creating a situation where that lack of trust is reciprocal. That is of all things a strategy for getting things done …
This is just Tyler’s opinion, but he thinks on way more levels than I do.


OOPS! You do not have to read this post.

I use one software (OpenLiveWriter) to write blog posts for multiple blogs. Above the line is a post I wrote for, and did post to, my non-academic blog voluntaryXchange. But I also clicked the button to post it here too. Unfortunately, it's 2017, and with social media, once something gets posted, it's hard to undo, and easier to just apologize. So ... sorry about this.

You're welcome to go read that blog if you like, but it isn't required. If I really want you to read something it's here on the class blog.

Please note that this post is paired with the one that immediately precedes it on that blog. So, if you do read this, go read this other one too. I'm not pro-Trump, but I'm trying to figure out how this is all going to pan out. I'm warming to the viewpoint that if he's crazy, he's "crazy like a fox"

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