Friday, April 26, 2013

Italy Has a Government

After 2 months, Italy has a (rickety) government. They were able to elect a ceremonial figurehead last week, and this week put together a coalition government headed by … someone no one has ever heard (not really, but none of the big name people could get a majority of the votes).

He is not seen as someone who will make tough choices that Italy may need:

Mr. Letta, one of Italy's most Europe-minded politicians, is already joining a rising chorus calling for an easing of austerity measures that have hobbled several of the continent's weaker economies—including Italy—and more emphasis on jogging growth and jobs.

"European policies are too focused on austerity, which is no longer sufficient," Mr. Letta said after being nominated by President Giorgio Napolitano.

So ends Italy’s experiment with an EU-oriented premier who was an economist with some understanding of the necessity of tough choices.

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